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Strategies for Winning Customers with Content: Part 2

If you haven't had a chance to read "Strategies for Winning Customers with Content: Part 1" please do so.  

In “5 Content Marketing Best Practices,” you learned that content marketing is only powerful when implemented correctly, but how can you leverage your industry knowledge into content consumers actually want?

In order to succeed in content marketing, dealerships need to be unique and post information their potential customers want or need. By solving a consumer problem or tackling an issue that interests your particular consumer base, you’ll gain ground when it comes to grabbing your audience’s attention. Posting the right kind of content increases engagement and ends up earning consumer trust, which in turn leads to more sales.

With the potential of thousands of visitors each month, your website should be your best salesperson. Compared to the 100 potential customers an average dealership salesperson sees per month, your online presence has the capability to extend your reach exponentially, so dropping the ball when it comes to your dealership’s website content simply isn’t an option in today’s market. That being said, with a variety of content platforms at their disposal, dealerships have the opportunity to highlight their unique personalities, inventory selections, and service departments. It’s all about HOW things are presented.

The secret behind engaging consumers is getting their attention by letting them know you have relevant content that solves a problem for them. Once you’ve captured their attention, it’s imperative to keep it by following through on your promise to provide content they need by giving them relevant, easily-digestible, and sought-after information. To help you get started, just follow the three tips below to capture consumer attention and keep them engaged:

Share Your Individuality

Most dealership websites have an “About Us” page along with a homepage featuring inventory and services offered. If every dealership’s web presence is almost identical to the next, what sets your dealership apart? Do you have the lowest prices? Do you offer monthly service specials or a loyalty rewards program? Your homepage is the first thing customers see when they visit you online, so when you highlight unique aspects of your dealership, such as being family-owned or being a long-standing community dealership, you will stand out in your market. Customers gravitate toward businesses they can relate to or that make them feel comfortable, so revamping your current website content to highlight your individuality will make shoppers more inclined to choose you over the competition.

It’s also important to consider offering consumers insight into your dealership’s personality and individual story through a blog. According to Hubspot, companies that blog generate 55% more traffic than those that don’t. Topics such as charitable contributions, workplace culture, dealership accomplishments, or events you have hosted should be your focus. Displaying content related to your work in the community shows consumers your dealership cares about important causes and deserves their patronage. In fact, a Cone Connections study revealed that 85% of consumers have a better outlook toward businesses that give back to a charity. Sharing this is another way of making the dealership relatable, which encourages customers to trust you. Remember, shoppers want to support businesses that value community and achievement.

Display Your Inventory

Let’s face it, recreational dealership website browsing isn’t a very common occurrence. Most people searching dealership websites are planning to buy a car and expect to find updated inventory and prices. Since many dealerships already have inventory and prices featured on their websites, what can your dealership do to set itself apart from the others? You can begin by utilizing informative content.

Since a car is usually the second largest purchase a person makes—following the purchase of a home—it can be intimidating, and providing quality informative content can help alleviate some of the stress associated with this purchase. This doesn’t mean you create a bulleted list of features and place it under each vehicle in your online inventory feed and call it good.  Instead, minimize shoppers’ stressors by becoming a trusted resource in the market; do this by gathering valuable research for the consumer and making it easily accessible in a centralized location on your website. When you provide a user-friendly tool that includes vehicle reviews, car comparisons, and other news about this vehicle, you’ll get a leg up on the competition. Having everything consolidated and placed together lessens the possibility of shoppers leaving your page and could be the difference between your sale and a competitor’s sale.

Sharing content that is informative and helpful establishes your dealership as a trusted name in the industry. Your website should be a place consumers can visit to find the answers to all their vehicle shopping questions. By helping them pick the correct vehicle to fit their lifestyle, you’ll be improving the buying process, and if you answer their questions and concerns along the way via your social media channels, this will resonate with them and build confidence that you are the right dealership for them.

Highlight the Service Department

According to Forbes, as much as 44% of a dealership's income can be derived from its service department. For this very reason, the service department should not be left out when it comes to the content you share with consumers. Include information about the basics like the services offered and pricing, but you’ll also want to be sure to include what really sets your service department apart from all the others. What makes it different from the one down the street? Customers will appreciate content such as how-to articles, maintenance schedules and tips, and updates about dealership events like car-care clinics that show off the skills of your maintenance pros in action. Including this type of content makes your customers more aware of the current vehicle they’re driving, and the services they need can turn business back to your dealership. If they notice something wrong with their vehicle that requires servicing, you’ve already positioned your dealership as a trusted and qualified source.

Informative and engaging content correlates to increased traffic, and with more and more buyers resorting to the internet first for information and research, quality website traffic can make or break the success of your dealership. Using your content to compel readers doesn’t always equate to hard-selling your dealership’s inventory or service department. As a content-creating entity, you have the opportunity to truly fill the void between consumer and dealership. Provide the necessary content that informs as well as cultivates trust, and you will ensure your dealership paves the way to a strong bond between dealership and consumer. 

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