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The Digital Journey of the Automobile Consumer

Only 1.5% of all consumers are in the market for a new vehicle purchase at any time. What does that mean for dealers? Now more than ever it is critical to understand the digital journey of your consumer in order to be where your consumers are, and connect with them at just the right time to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Let’s identify the key opportunities to influence.

Research Phase

Automotive consumers almost always already own one vehicle, so 63% begin their online search with a brand in mind. Seventy-three percent will cross-shop brands. Twenty-percent buy the car they intended to purchase from the start. Game-changers for shoppers in this phase are brand influencers and brand identity. In other words, does this brand know me? Do they care about the things I care about? Were they thinking of what I wanted to know when they shared content online? Your brand must be present and accounted for in this stage, answer the questions your researcher is asking and create a connection.

Active Shopping or In-Market Phase

Since we know that 73% of shoppers cross-shop brands and only 20% end up buying the vehicle they started researching, this phase marks another digital milestone for consumers. Here is where you need to shine. At this phase, shoppers are discovering your content and your reputation. Video content is especially appealing to consumers in this phase, and being informed and engaged in your online reviews and customer service moments can go a long way in winning over your consumer.

After-Market Phase

Eighty-seven percent of new car owners say they are likely to buy the same brand the next time, but only 56% actually end up being repeat purchasers. How can you keep your 73%? Data is your friend. Use the information and insights you’ve gained during the buyer journey to solidify your relationship with the buyer. Connect with them socially, anticipate their service and maintenance needs and concerns. Ask them for feedback and make it easy for them to share their experience with your dealership.

Knowledge is power, right? Does your dealership have the tools to understand, connect and engage with the automotive consumer today? Being present on social media is good, but it isn’t enough to capture today’s sophisticated shopper. FuzeCast was created to maximize your impact at every stage of the digital journey of your consumer. If you’d like to hear more about FuzeCast, connect with me at

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